24CR at a glance

The first 24CR-linked media network called DeirEzzor24 was officially launched in March 2015. Now we have 16 teams with different specialties and objectives. The 24CR offers to each team its administrative independence in order to practice its activities without linking and mixing them with those of other teams for the highest degree of safety. The varied activities of each team is due to the need for communicating with each specific section in the society. The 24CR provides all the necessary support and advice for the local youth willing to help counter extremism and promoting the 24CR’s ideas and activities. It also trains the youth on how to keep themselves safe in the virtual world.



Deir Ezzor


Sessions to Spreading awareness about the extremists in Syria and enlightening the civilians about their danger with awareness activities and discussions. Activities are intended to inform civilians of the human rights abuses committed against other people in different areas of Syria by those extremists. Every awareness group has their own technique to spread awareness. All awareness activities fall in accordance with the general plan of the 24CR and the local needs and developments.


Woman can play a vital role in the civil resistance against extremism by communicating with other women in private sessions to spread ideas exposing extremist ideologies, and, at the same time, inciting other women to protect the children from being influenced by the radicals.


A group of local youth (considering their security) execute awareness campaigns and initiatives in different areas in Syria. The campaigns intended to mobilize public support to instigate civic engagement against extremism.


Our reports and studies should help researcher and politician to understand more about extremism in Syria. We help them to get better perspective and view to achieve effectiver support to the civil soceity and local communities in Syria. 24CR is also open for any cooperation to reach this.


Thanks to the 24CR-linked groups , all the news and updates that are important for the civilians in areas controlled by the extremists are published on a daily basis. We focus mainly on human rights violations that are being committed by the radicals. We also seek to gain credibility by spreading the truth to the local communities, emphasizing our neutrality when publishing certain report.

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