24CR at a glance

The first 24CR-linked media network called DeirEzzor24 was officially launched in March 2015. Now we have 16 teams with different specialties and objectives. The 24CR offers to each team its administrative independence in order to practice its activities without linking and mixing them with those of other teams for the highest degree of safety. The varied activities of each team is due to the need for communicating with each specific section in the society. The 24CR provides all the necessary support and advice for the local youth willing to help counter extremism and promoting the 24CR’s ideas and activities. It also trains the youth on how to keep themselves safe in the virtual world.

24CR Structure


Deir Ezzor

social media

    A political electronic platform that publish the news in a satirical manner. We attempt through this platform to reach a larger segment of the community in order to break the barrier of fear and plant ideas that would raise their awareness of the reality of the radicals

    A group in the process of preparation which consists of popular figures in the virtual world who are fully aware of the real danger of the extremists. The 24CR will organize their works and activities to spread constructive and meaningful messages that would raise the awareness of the local communities about the danger of the extremists.

local news

Thanks to the 24CR-linked groups , all the news and updates that are important for the civilians in areas controlled by the extremists are published on a daily basis. We focus mainly on human rights violations that are being committed by the radicals. We also seek to gain credibility by spreading the truth to the local communities, emphasizing our neutrality when publishing certain report.

Lahon W Bas

A civil team that believes in both, democracy and freedom, and opposes all kinds of corruption and extremism. The team carries out campaigns to raise awareness in both, on the ground in Syria and social media, and to lay the foundation of the principles of freedom within the Syrian society.



Woman can play a vital role in the civil resistance against extremism by communicating with other women in private meetings to spread ideas exposing extremist ideologies, and, at the same time, inciting other women to protect their children from being influenced by the radicals


A group of local youth execute the activities of the 24CR in different areas in Syria, taking into account the privacy enjoyed by the different groups and to what extent they are rooted in the local communities.