Raqqa24 mourn one of their heroes in besieged Raqqa 
The Raqqa24 team mourn the death of one of their member who died due to a airstrike of the Global Coalition on the city of Raqqa few days ago. He was killed along with several civilians living in the besieged city.
We extend our profound condolences and sincere sympathies for losing one of our heroes who had participated for a long time in exposing the atrocities of Daesh in the city. We also confirm the loss of one of our sincere sources who partook in reporting about the scenes of the destructive war and the details of a new chapter of the violations of the SDF and the Global Coalition, which began by the killing of hundreds of civilians, whose dead bodies are still trapped underneath the rubble of the collapsed buildings.
Since we are committed to continue our mission to achieve our goal that is embodied in the fact that we want to see a new Syria that is devoid of extremism, we in the 24CR confirm that we will carry on our activities and works on all our affiliated media outlets to attain our slogan ‘The Full Truth’. We dedicate the success we have attained so far to our martyr heroes as well as the ones still alive, and we promise that we will never abandon them or divert from our duty that is represented in countering terrorism and all kinds of extremism whose adopters are trying to impose their projects on the Syrian community.