A Military Victory in Raqqa is Not Enough

The battle to liberate Raqqa from Daesh has entered a decisive phase. As the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Global Coalition score consecutive successes against Daesh, our team in Raqqa has confirmed that Daesh ranks have been demoralized and have collapsed. However, the humanitarian conditions have gone from bad to worse over the 50-day siege on the city. Water is unavailable and there is a sharp lack of medical and food supplies. Therefore, we demand from both, the Global Coalition and the SDF, to set up a plan to halt the continuation of the humanitarian disaster by implementing the following demands:

  • The implementation of two ceasefires per week in which civilians can leave their homes safely to gather basic needs.
  • Halting all types of unguided shelling and airstrikes.
  • Delivering urgent food and medical supplies at specified times and from specified points.
  • Evacuating wounded civilians, especially those in critical conditions, from Raqqa.
  • Establishing medical centers to receive the civilians who flee Raqqa.


We hope for an immediate response from the Global Coalition and the SDF as these policies would save the lives of the trapped civilians who are the real victims of the barbarity of Daesh and the ongoing brutal war.