The End of Daesh; The begin of CEE to strike its roots

The myth of the caliphate, built by hardline extremists who ruled the population in areas of Syria and Iraq, ended. And left behind it weak and broken communities due the seeds of its ideology.

The 24CR, the civil resistance against extremism was one of the pioneers of local groups that alerted the danger of Daesh and organized ourselves to resist it and minimize its harm as much as possible. Today, we express our happiness at the end of Daesh militarily. Therefore, we prepared ourselves for the coming confrontation with the organization, which will be more difficult and complicated.

Today, we officially announce the beginning of the CEE (Communities Empowerment against Extremism) program, which seeks to rehabilitate directly affected communities by the Daesh and to provide important advice for all local and international actors. CEE as a program of the Democratic Society Center will be a new gateway to our ongoing struggle against extremism in all its forms, drawing on our experience over the last five years.

We in 24CR are proud of what our field and media teams have done over the past years, and we remember our friends who have died for the salvation from the darkness of Daesh and we promise them to continue with the same resolve and determination to achieve what we have started for. We also thank all those who have trusted us and supported us over the past years.