The Launching of the Civil Resistance 24CR to counter extremism

Today we officially announce the launching of the civil resistance 24CR to counter extremism. 24CR consists of several groups that are unified under its umbrella with the aim of countering all kinds of extremism in Syria.The 24CR’s activities began as a spontaneous reaction to the Daesh’s tyranny in both, Idlib and Aleppo provinces, in 2014. They were then developed due to the need to defend the local communities. DeirEzzor24 is the first 24CR-linked group that was established in March, 2015. Afterwards, our duties and activities multiplied to reach 16 groups with several various specialties today, all of which are focused on civil activities, campaigns and covering the news in several areas of Syria.

After a year and a half of continuous and serious work, we in 24CR do believe that civil resistance is the main strategy to counter extremism, and that both, the military and economic strategies remain insufficient without it. Our activities have led us to believe in the significance of such a work, as it keeps us close to the local communities. We also noticed that the extremists do fear an awakening of the local communities, as they can control the mind of one or two, but they remain impuissant and inefficient in the face of a collective anger of the communities.